Eight problems of aluminium alloy extruded are introduced

- Mar 05, 2019-

  1. How is the system pressure set in the extruder? How to maintain the low pressure of its aluminum extruder?
    (1) extrusion machine, there are a lot of system in the set pressure, first of all, according to hydraulic principle diagram analysis, usually, the oil cylinder movement depends on the power and load, the relationship between, in a nutshell, even if there is pressure but due to the load is greater than the power, oil cylinder is also not movement, set advice: 1, to check the power and load; 2, check the similar balance valve (also known as the back pressure valve), the pressure can be set to 21Mpa.
    (2) how to maintain low pressure aluminum extrusion machine? First, determine whether the hydraulic pump is the problem, not to check the overflow valve, the pressure adjustment handwheel tighten. Manually hit the overflow valve spool to see if there is pressure. The pressure is set at 21Mpa.

  2. 2, aluminum alloy extruder exhaust pressure did not reach the exhaust is what reason?

  3. See what way to control the exhaust, if it is a pressure relay, can be adjusted a little higher; If the pressure transmitter, in the man-machine interface, modify the high exhaust pressure can be. Mainly for the once normal extrusion machine, if it is a new machine that there may be procedural problems. Advice: non-professional operators of the extruder, do not mess with the machine to understand the procedures.

3. What unit does the character MN represent in the aluminum alloy extruder?
How much mn is the extrusion pressure of 630 tons extruder?
MN unit of force MN unit of force MN unit of force MN unit of force MN unit of force MN unit of force MN A trillion is a million. Roughly 100 tons of force,
Its 2: that is to say, the extrusion pressure of your 630 ton extruder is 6MN and 6000000 n. Of course, the higher the value is, the greater the extrusion pressure will be and the more regular the extruded things will be.