Ferrite suppressor is widely used in printed circuit board, power line and data line

- Aug 16, 2018-

Ferrite suppressor is widely used in printed circuit board, power line and data line. High frequency interference can be filtered by adding ferrite suppressor elements at the power line inlet of the printing plate. Ferrite magnetic ring or magnetic bead is specially used to suppress high frequency interference and peak interference on signal line and power line.
The numerical size of the two components is proportional to the length of the magnetic bead, and the length of the magnetic bead has a significant influence on the inhibition effect. The longer the magnetic bead length is, the better the inhibition effect is.
[edit this paragraph] the difference between magnetic beads and inductors
The inductor is an energy storage element, while the magnetic bead is an energy conversion (consumption) device. Inductance is mainly used in power filter circuit, focusing on restraining conductive interference. Magnetic beads are mostly used in signal circuits, mainly for EMI. Magnetic beads are used to absorb uhf signals, such as some RF circuits, PLL, oscillating circuits, including uhf memory circuits (DDR,SDRAM,RAMBUS, etc.). Magnetic beads are required to be added to the power input part.

The monolithic magnetic bead is composed of soft magnetic ferrite material and constitutes a monolithic structure with high volume resistivity. The eddy current loss is inversely proportional to the resistivity of ferrite materials. The eddy loss is proportional to the square of the signal frequency. Benefits of using magnetic beads in sheet form:
Miniaturization and lightweight. It has high impedance within the frequency range of rf noise to eliminate electromagnetic interference in transmission line. Close the magnetic circuit structure to better eliminate the signal string winding. Excellent magnetic shielding structure. Reduce dc resistance to avoid excessive attenuation of useful signals.