Good inverter basic features

- May 30, 2019-

Choose a good inverter, should pay attention to the following questions: 1, whether the formal manufacturers production, formal products, there will be trademarks and manufacturers, and packaging printed with the address and telephone manufacturers.2. Be sure to choose product of aluminum enclosure, vehicle because of its high power inverter, fever is also big, if the internal heat is not out in time, light, affecting the service life of components, the risk of fire, aluminum  enclosure which has good cooling characteristics on one hand, on the other hand also won't burn, plastic shell products, it is best not to choose.Although added fan to help come loose heat, it is to increased the noise in use, 2 it is fan working life is shorter commonly, reduced the reliability of complete machine so, if which day stopped, consequence is very serious.3. Whether the protection functions are perfect or not, a good vehicle-mounted inverter should have perfect protection functions.4. Conversion efficiency, which is a very important indicator of the inverter. The higher the inverter efficiency is, the longer the battery is used, and the smaller the heat generated by the inverter.