High Frequency High Voltage Transformer

- Jun 29, 2019-


Thanks for chatting in Alibaba , as discussed we are looking for 200 K sets per month each switching Power Supply Transformer manufacturers from May onwards , this is our drawing you can suggest equal or similar Core , Bobbin , we mentioned in Drawing only for reference and specification ( Ex : EE20/10/10 – EPCOS we mentioned but you can suggest us equal good  vendor also and use ) .

So please give us your best price and samples to evaluate once your sample and price is approved we will visit your factory immediately and order 200 K . Our team will visit and inspect your process and production while you are producing 200 K

Reply:  yes, we can make it , please provide the High Frequency Power Transformer design drawing include wire diameter, inductance and winding number etc. 

Switching Power Supply Transformer manufacturers