How should the aluminum extrusion die be maintained

- May 11, 2019-

Ask :How should the aluminum extrusion die be maintained?


In the aluminum profile production enterprise, the mold cost accounts for about 35% in the profile extrusion production cost. Whether the mould is good or bad and whether the mould can be used and maintained reasonably directly determines whether the enterprise can produce normal and qualified profiles.

The working conditions of extrusion die in extrusion production are very harsh, which not only need to bear violent friction and wear under high temperature and pressure, but also need to bear periodic load. This requires the mold has high thermal stability, thermal fatigue, thermal wear resistance and enough toughness. In order to meet the above requirements, 4Cr5MoSiV1 (American brand H13) alloy steel is widely used in China, and vacuum heat treatment and quenching are adopted to make molds to meet various requirements in the production of aluminum profiles.

The aluminum extrusion enclousure pictures