How to anatomical high-frequency transformer

- Apr 17, 2019-

Copper wire is one of the basic materials for making RM, EFD Transformer . It can accomplish the most basic function of transformers -- voltage conversion function.

The wire frame and the base are the skeleton of the supporting coil, and the PIN(some wire frames do not have PIN, but replace it with a wire) forms a complete bracket, so that all the incoming and outgoing lines of the transformer can be wrapped and welded on the PIN conveniently, it was called high frequency transformer bobbin. 

The iron core is mainly divided into two types: one is the low-frequency transformer core, such as silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet; One is the high-frequency transformer core and is made by sintering ferrite magnetic powder at high temperature.

Generally speaking, the silicon steel sheet (or silicon steel sheet) containing more steel is heavier than the one containing less steel. The silicon steel sheet is divided into two types: calcined (brown) and non-calcined (gray)

Tape is often used in transformers.

There are three main functions of adhesive tape in transformer: insulation, filling and fixing

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