How to judge the quality of an inductor?

- Jun 01, 2019-

 the resistance value of the inductor under test is too small. It indicates that there is a short-circuit fault in the coil of the inductor. Please pay attention to the test operation, and carefully adjust the multimeter to zero first, and carefully observe whether the position of the pointer swinging to the right actually reaches zero, so as to avoid misjudgment. When doubt inductors internal short circuit fault, it is best to use R x 1 Ω repeated measurement a few times more, so as to make the right judgment.

The inductor under test has a resistance value. The direct resistance value of the inductor is directly related to the enameled wire diameter and winding winding number used in the coil of the inductor. Usually measured with a multimeter R x 1 Ω block, as long as it can measure resistance, the inductor under test can be thought of as normal.

The resistance of the inductor under test is infinite. This phenomenon is easy to distinguish, indicating that the inductor inside the coil or the lead end and the coil at the junction occurred a fault.

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