how to oxide sandblasting aluminum electronic enclosure

- Jun 05, 2018-

how to oxide sandblasting aluminum electronic  enclosure?

1. Prevent corrosion of aluminum products
Because the film obtained by anodic oxidation itself is stable enough in the atmosphere, the oxide film on the surface of aluminum can be used as the protective layer. The oxide film obtained by anodic oxidation of aluminum in chromic acid solution is compact and corrosion resistant. The pores of the oxide film obtained from sulfuric acid solution are larger than those obtained from the former, but the film layer is thicker and has a strong adsorption capacity. If properly filled and closed treatment is carried out, its corrosion resistance is also good. It is pointed out that chromic acid anodic oxidation method is especially suitable for anodic oxidation treatment of riveted and welded parts.

2. Protective and decorative products
For most aluminum and its alloy products that require surface finishing, after chemical or electrochemical polishing, anodic oxidation with sulfuric acid solution can be obtained to a more transparent oxide film. This oxide film can absorb a variety of organic and inorganic dyes, and thus have a variety of bright colors. The color film is both anti-corrosion and decorative. Under some special technological conditions, the protective decorative oxide film with similar appearance to porcelain can be obtained.