How to select metal powder by integrated inductance?

- Sep 11, 2018-

The integral forming inductance is formed by the die casting of the winding body embedded into the metal powder by the base system. However, common metal powders include reductive iron powder, carbonyl powder and alloy powder, so what's the difference?
The integral molding inductance has DIP, SMD two kinds, and is die-casting molding, integral molding inductance to the powder insulation treatment request is higher, most USES reduced iron powder and carbonyl iron powder, some USES alloy powder, reduced iron powder is irregular, not easy to pack insulation treatment, DIP product basically does with this kind of powder. The reducing iron powder has good current characteristics, but the anti-rust effect is poor and the sensitivity is low. At the same time, it needs spraying treatment. The surface treatment agent can be used to increase the anti-rust effect!
SMD products use carbonyl iron powder. Since carbonyl iron powder is a spherical particle, the relative insulation is higher, but the magnetic permeability is not high. The antirust effect of alloy powder is better, the inductance is high, but the current characteristic is poor.