How to test the inductance of magnetic ring

- Aug 28, 2018-

In my test magnetic ring inductance, first do some basic work, first check whether there is a gap, the circular surface cracks These problems will lead to error in the testing process, after checking in the test, generally USES the HP brand of inductance tester inductance tester is how much it can test the circular inductance can reach, can also know how much it can be achieved by how much current or frequency after saturation magnetic flux densityMust test magnetic ring inductance, winding copper wire to test, is also the only way to test, this test has a high precision, different sizes of copper wire, test out the performance of different, and how many coil winding, a circle more or less a circle effect is different The key is to round the first lap to test, how much is the single coil inductance, the back of the wound Some performance can not meet the product requirements, the material that is about to begin, the material is the key, different materials have different effectsStill could not reach the requirements of products with the best materials, that is, from the perspective of the product, whether on product design out of the question, if this is the problem on the product, then you on how to switch to the circular also useless, because the circular and it isn't everything special tips: test the circular, anti-interference, magnetic ring, ferrite beads inductance, must winding copper wire to test, to test with HP brand inductance tester, can clearly know the circular inductance, by how much current, saturation magnetic flux density in the much work frequency, etc.