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- Sep 27, 2018-

 Generally referred to as the quality factor, which is a dimensionless unit to measure the performance of a component or resonance circuit. It's simply the ratio of the ideal component to the loss that exists in the component. The components may be inductors, capacitors, dielectric resonators, surface acoustic wave resonators, crystal resonators, or LC resonators. The magnitude of the Q depends on the application, not the bigger the better.

For example, if a broadband filter is designed, higher Q values will make the in-band flatness worse if no other measures are taken. High Q inductance and capacitance in LC decoupling circuit are easy to generate self-resonant state. Conversely, for an oscillator, we want to have a higher Q value, and the higher Q value is, the better the frequency stability and phase noise of the oscillator.

Different applications have different requirements on the Q value, too large Q value, inductance burning, capacitance breakdown, circuit oscillations. In order to avoid excessive high frequency resonance/gain, some people deliberately reduce the Q value of inductance, and the way to reduce the Q value can be to increase the resistance of the winding or use the magnetic core with high power consumption.

The quality factor of inductor is related to the dc resistance of coil wire, the dielectric loss of coil frame and the loss of core and shield.  

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