Amplifier Enclosure Box

- May 21, 2019-

In the circuit, as long as the active components on the current will have heat generation. The main heating elements in the inverter are: switch tube (IGBT, MOSfet), magnetic core element (inductor, transformer), etc. Therefore, in order to ensure the components can work at the rated temperature, the heat dissipation capacity of the system is very important.

When the inverter works, heating is inevitable. For example, the heating power of a 5kW inverter is about 2.5% of the total power of the inverter, and its heat loss is about 125W. Therefore, the cooling system is very important, for small household systems, the industry usually use natural cooling.

The inverter is made of aluminum alloy with good thermal conductivity. As shown in the figure above, the integral case structure is adopted. The radiator and the case are directly connected through a large area, and the heat of the components can be directly transferred to the aluminum alloy enclosure through the radiator, forming the heat dissipation path from the device to the radiator to the shell to the air.

In addition, the heat of the components can be conducted to the case through the air inside the inverter, and then dissipated to the external air through the case. It forms another heat dissipation path of device internal air shell external air.

Non-integral casing is adopted. Two connections are needed between the casing and the radiator, and the contact is not tight. Therefore, only the radiator and a small part of the middle case participate in the heat dissipation, the upper shell does not participate in the heat dissipation, so that the overall heat dissipation performance greatly reduced.

Adopt and enclosure structure, the radiator directly closely linked with the shell, involve aluminum alloy enclosureby two paths in cooling, because more involved in heat dissipation, so the inverter enclosure temperature is relatively high, the benefits of this phenomenon is that, the therm

al conductivity of the enclosure is good, the inverter internal heat through the shell pass out faster, thus reducing the internal temperature of the inverter and the component temperature, to ensure that the components and inverter longer service life.

Amplifier Enclosure Box is made up of aluminum alloy.