Ip67 Case design

- Jun 19, 2019-

When the control range of Mg is determined, the control range of Si can be determined by Mg/Si ratio. Because this factory controls Si to pass 0. 09% ~ 0. 13%, so Mg/Si should be controlled at 1. 18 ~ 1. 32.

Selection of chemical composition of 36063 aluminum alloy T5 and T6 profiles. If you want to change the composition of the alloy, say you want to increase the Mg2Si amount to 0. 95%, in order to facilitate the production of T6 profile, the Mg can be moved up to 0 along the upper and lower limit of Si. 6% or so. Si is approximately 0. 46%, Si past zero. 11% Mg/Si is 1.

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