Metal Extrusion Enclosure

- Jun 16, 2019-

The heat treatment strengthening effect of 6063 aluminum alloy increases with the increase of the amount of 2Mg2Si. When Mg2Si is zero. 71% ~ 1. In the range of 03%, the tensile strength increases approximately linearly with the increase of Mg2Si, but the deformation resistance also increases, making it difficult to process. But Mg2Si is less than 0. At 72%, for products with a small extrusion coefficient (less than or equal to 30), the tensile strength value may not meet the standard requirements. When the Mg2Si content exceeds 0.9%, the ductility of the alloy tends to decrease. GB/T5237. In the standard of 1-2000, 6063 aluminum alloy is required to have 160MPa and 205MPa in the form of T5 and T6. The tensile strength of the alloy can reach up to 260MPa. But there are many factors that affect mass production and it is impossible to ensure that all of them reach such a high level. Considering comprehensively, the profile should not only have high strength to ensure that the products meet the standard requirements, but also make the alloy easy to be extruded, which is conducive to improving the production efficiency. When we design the strength of alloy, 200MPa is taken as the design value for the profile delivered in T5 state. According to figure 1, when the tensile strength is about 200MPa, the Mg2Si amount is about 0. For the section in the T6 state, we take the design value of tensile strength as 230 MPa, and the Mg2Si amount increases to 0. 95%.

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