One of the tips for improving Ferrite Drum Core Power Inductor Q

- Aug 04, 2019-

Reduce the distributed capacitance around the Common Mode Choke Core coil.

If conditions permit, try to use non-skeleton winding coil, or winding coil on the rib skeleton, can reduce the distributed capacitance by 15%-20%; The segmented winding method can reduce the distributed capacitance of multi-layer coils by 1/3 ~ l/2.

For multi-layer coils, the smaller diameter D is, the smaller winding length L or winding thickness t is, the smaller distributed capacitance is. It should be noted that the distribution capacitance of the coated and blanketed coil will increase by 20-30%.

In short, magnetic components wound around magnetic rings, coils and inductors should always give priority to improving Q values and reducing losses.

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