Optimization design of several aluminum extrusion dies

- Apr 23, 2019-

Design, processing and production of three hole extrusion die
Three - hole cavity general placement methods are: three - hole flat discharge material, product - shaped material, pour - shaped material.

Other porous cavities are arranged according to the principle of double and three holes.

Symmetrical discharge: the length of incoming and outgoing materials is completely the same. The length of mould design does not need to be considered. After extrusion, the saw is convenient for surface treatment and operation.

Codirectional discharge: the discharge direction of each hole is the same, and it is not necessary to make special distinction with the back saw. The operation of the back saw is relatively simple, but the design flow rate is required to be high, and the discharge length of each hole is difficult to control.

Optimization of planar profiles with small openings and large cantilever area
The cantilever is easy to be deformed due to the large elastic deformation of the cantilever in the case of the plane die design of the general straight feed.
(1) optimization of lifting core mold

It can be designed as a lifting mandrel.

Optimization of oblique closed die

Some profiles opening is very small, almost closed, this can be used in combination mode that is, oblique closed die, upper and lower die cantilever close, no light leakage, the opening needs to work closely.

Optimization of pseudo - shunt die

General of small opening, large area flat profile can be entreated arm straight to feed board design for bridge type feeding plate or cantilever bridge type feeding plate, puts the cambered surface of the bearing bridge, so that we can to protect the false die profile cantilever when metal material flow filling die, metal flow from the feed plate of cantilever bridge type feeding plate bridge block without directly act on it, which reduced the mold of the cantilever is subjected to the positive pressure, so as to improve the stress of the cantilever. Prolong the service life of the mould.

Optimization design of long section planar profiles with large length-thickness ratio

Due to the length and thickness of the section is larger than, wall thickness is sometimes thin, near the center of the metal flow rate is relatively fast, only with the length of the working belt to adjust the mold hole around the material flow speed is limited, so easy to produce deformation defects. Is the use of the show guide plate type control flow, light by flat plate mold is not control the flow rate, so the use of guide plate to balance the flow rate, large friction resistance, so that can effectively adjust the middle and thick point of metal flow velocity, so that the mold hole material flow speed balance, can receive good results.

The practice has proved that the optimization of the above aluminum extrusion die design is effective in practical production. Compared with the past, the extruded aluminum alloy profile has good shape, precision of dimension, easy guarantee and good surface quality. Thus, the production efficiency of profile extrusion is greatly improved and the production cost is reduced.
For aluminum products extrusion mold design kaleidoscope, with the rapid development of various industries in society, the profile profile profile shape is complicated, diversified, according to the common form of conventional design, there are many deficiencies. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality profiles, it is necessary to continuously learn, accumulate, transform and innovate in production and life.