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- Jul 19, 2019-

  1. the production and storage environment of aluminum alloy must be dustproof, waterproof and dry, and the temperature is usually controlled above 5.Humidity below 70% should be as far as possible to ensure that no welding environment humidity is too high, excessive humidity can make weld porosity occurrence probability increased significantly, which affects the welding quality of air turbulent flow will cause insufficient gas protection, resulting in a weld porosity, can be set back plate in order to avoid the influence of the indoor drafts [2] (2) the use of welding wire and air supply hose to the attention of the butt welding material should be used: weld wire to separated from steel welding materials storage, use no more than 1 a after completion of welding, to remove the wire seal processing in welding machine, to prevent pollutionAir supply hose made of different materials resistant to moisture into the ability of different, especially in the air supply pressure is high, the influence of air supply hose more apparent air supply hose it is best to use Teflon hose (Teflon) 2. The equipment selection of aluminum alloy had better choose in the form of point contact welding fixtures, reducing the contact area of tooling and artifacts by the workpiece is surface contact, if the tooling will soon take away heat, workpiece accelerated the solidification of molten pool, against weld porosity rule out best equipment hydraulic system pressure control in 9 ~ 9.5 MPaToo little pressure can not reach the purpose of preset anti-deformation, but too much pressure will make the restraint of aluminum alloy structure increase. Due to the large linear expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy, poor plasticity at high temperature, it is easy to generate large thermal stress during welding, which may cause cracks in aluminum alloy structure.

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