PCB Box Enclosures

- Jun 15, 2019-

1.The effect and influence of 1Mg Mg and Si composition of the strengthening phase Mg2Si, the higher the Mg content, the more Mg2Si, the greater the heat treatment strengthening effect, the higher the tensile strength of the profile, but the deformation resistance also increases, the alloy plastic decline, processing performance becomes worse, corrosion resistance becomes worse.
2. The effect of 2Si and the amount of influence Si should enable all Mg in the alloy to exist in the form of Mg2Si phase to ensure that the role of Mg is fully played. With the increase of Si content, the grain of the alloy becomes fine, the metal fluidity increases, the casting performance becomes better, the heat treatment effect increases, the tensile strength of the profile increases but the plasticity decreases, and the corrosion resistance deteriorates.

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