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- Jun 17, 2019-

Determination of 4Si content the Si content must meet the requirement that all Mg are formed into Mg2Si. Since the ratio of Mg to Si in Mg2Si is Mg/Si=1. 73. So the basic Si quantity is Si basis =Mg/1. 73. However, practice has proved that if the ingredients are based on Si, the tensile strength of the alloy produced is often low and unqualified. This is obviously due to the lack of Mg2Si in the alloy. The reason is that impurity elements such as Fe and Mn in the alloy rob Si, for example, Fe can form ALFeSi compound with Si. Therefore, there must be excess Si in the alloy to compensate for the loss of Si. Excess Si in the alloy can also supplement the increase in tensile strength. The increase of tensile strength is the sum of Mg2Si and excess Si contribution. Si can also reduce the adverse effect of Fe when the content of Fe in the alloy is high. However, due to Si will reduce the alloy's plasticity and corrosion resistance, so Si should have reasonable control. I plant according to the actual experience that excess Si selected in 0. 09% ~ 0. A 13% range is better. Si content in the alloy shall be: Si%=(Si base +Si over)%

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