Power Amplifier Box design

- Jul 23, 2019-

Cleaning work before welding
Welding aluminum alloy requires the cleanest preparation, otherwise its corrosion resistance is reduced, and easy to produce porosity. The habit of welding aluminium alloys should be thoroughly distinguished from that of welding steel. Welding steel has been used tools, do not use when welding aluminum alloy. Clean impurities such as oxide film in the weld area, use a stainless steel brush or acetone as far as possible. Grinding with a grinding wheel is not allowed, because grinding with a grinding wheel will only fuse the oxide film on the surface of the welding material and will not remove it. And if a hard grinding wheel is used, impurities in it will enter the weld and cause a heat crack. In addition, since the Al2O3 film will be generated and accumulated again in a very short time, in order to make the oxide film affect the welding seam as little as possible, welding should be carried out immediately after cleaning.

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