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- Jul 22, 2019-

Weld preparation
1. Processing of groove
The butt weld with the plate thickness below 3mm May not be beveled, only the Angle of -0.5 ~ 1mm on the back of the weld can be inverted, which is conducive to the emission of gas and avoid the groove on the back. Whether backside chamfering affects the weld. The groove Angle of aluminum alloy thick plate is larger than that of steel plate. Unilateral 55 ° groove, groove with bilateral 35 ° groove groove by each side. In this way, the accessibility of welding can be improved and the occurrence of unfused defects can be reduced.
For HV or HY joints in T shaped joints of thick plates, it is required to fill the groove and add a fillet weld, so that the total size of the weld S is not less than the thickness of the plate T. Heavy plate T joint welding requirements.

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