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- Jun 11, 2019-

With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the automobile market competition intensifies, auto lightweight is the trend of The Times, the application of aluminum alloy in automotive chassis presents the fast development situation, such as the control arm, swinging arm, connecting rod chassis parts, wheel side bracket etc have been part of the application of aluminum alloy manufacture, in the high-end luxury models, appear even the highly integrated application of aluminum alloy chassis parts. The extrusion casting process can eliminate the defects such as shrinkage cavity and porosity in the casting, the casting structure is dense, and the mechanical properties can be further improved by heat treatment, and the properties are close to the level of forgings. It is a precise forming process with broad application prospects.

The steering knuckle belongs to the chassis safety part, has the connection, the load bearing, the steering function, the service condition is complex. The prototype steering knuckle of this project is carried in an SUV model. The production process is ductile iron sand casting with a mass of 4.5kg. The aluminum alloy steering knuckle is made by extrusion casting process.

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