Toroidal Ferrite Core Inductor inductance specifications

- Sep 13, 2018-

Law of inductance specification, basically all is consistent with the inductance value "name + size + + tolerance + packaging", and, of course, in many instances, the packaging does not necessarily bring everybody knows that, almost have come into contact with these very basic knowledge of inductive inductance will understand, but I want to say here is that the same inductance vary among different specifications sometimes due to the manufacturer.

Size plus sensitivity usually indicates specifications. Many times the same specifications are generally acceptable. However, it is important to mention that performance. Similarly, for example, one manufacturer guarantees a maximum (Max.) and a minimum (Min.) for the same specification item, while another manufacturer presents a Typical value (typ/ representative value/standard value), and similar cases are mixed. Therefore, attention should be paid to inductance selection and comparison with similar products.

Then, many people ask, why do the requirements for the same feature differ between products or manufacturers? It was not possible to generalize about what was the most appropriate condition for the performance requirements and safety assurance of the application circuit, which was considered differently by manufacturers. Of course, it also involves the level positioning of product performance, characteristics, quality, reliability, and price. So cenke small make up suggest everybody, when do not know inductance specification very much, can ask relevant technical personnel more.       

Toroidal Ferrite Core Inductor