Study on wire drawing and surface oxidation of Aluminum Amplifier Case

- Jun 12, 2018-

The Power Amplifier Enclosure coloring is, indeed, and the oxidation at the same time, but also is referred to as the process of the post-processing, the meaning of the added in the process also can (not) the representation method of anodic oxidation coloring H.Y.Z.X decimal point (X represents the color of the specific) put it into three parts, the first part is the plating method (H chemical method), the second smell plating characteristic points said oxidation (Y), the third part represents the post-processing (ZX) staining,

The common anodic oxidation (non-coloring) is represented as H.Y. drawing wire anodic oxidation coloring can be expressed as Y/H.Y.ZX, and Y stands for drawing wire.

  • The methods of coloring vary

  • The red and blue colors of this product are generally required

  • Three is to add both 

  • Electrolytic coloring is conductive oxidation,

  • General aluminum plate electric oxidation into gold

  • Drawing wire is easier to process on the plane.

Aluminum Amplifier Case drawing was be done after the punch,it is surface treatment technological.