The inverter enclosure

- Jun 04, 2019-

.This design product name: inverter enclosure.2.Purpose of this design product: inverter inverter with heat dissipation and ventilation.3.This appearance design product design key point: the integral type and the split type.4.The picture or photograph that best illustrates the design gist of the design: the stereogram

1. we use the 6063-t5 pure aluminum raw material for extrusion, and the aluminum content reaches the national standard.
2. industrial aluminum hardness up to 8-12 degrees.
3. in order to avoid scratches, scratches and bruises during transportation, we use shrink film or pearl cotton packaging.
4. in the process of using the aluminum, customers should pay attention not to put the aluminum in disorder, and should not put the aluminum in the place with water, because if the aluminum is placed in the place with water for a long time, it will show oxidation and black spots.Surface treatment: fine anodizing (other colors can be processed according to customer requirements)

Structure: separated type

 5.Chemical corrosion resistance: good

6. service: can provide open hole, tapping thread, configuration terminal bottom plate and special processing and manufacturing, depth arbitrary

Material of plug: aluminumWidely used in inverter, waterproof power supply, controller and other circuit board shell installation, or as a chassis enclosure, can be directly applied to the radiator.