The reason of bad winding number of High Frequency Ferrite Transformer

- Aug 07, 2019-

As for the one of the professional High Frequency Transformer suppliers, about the bad winding number of Ferrite Transformer analysis of adverse causes:

1.The same winding wiring is too messy or some full width, some not full width to make the test shows bad winding number, real winding number is correct;
If the winding number of wire group is large, it needs multiple layers of dense winding. However, due to machine debugging or the wrong operation methods of employees, resulting in too messy wiring, multi-layer stack. It makes it impossible for the tester to accurately measure the actual winding number during the test.
2. wrong test sample;

The sample is the comparison standard of the tester. If the sample is wrong, the parameters of the tester cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. Therefore, if the sample is wrong, the good product will be tested as the defective product.

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