What should the transformer pay attention to?

- Sep 06, 2018-

In normal operation, the transformer load should not exceed its rated capacity in general, but under special circumstances, it can also be overloaded within the specified range. The magnitude and duration of the over-load capacity of the transformer are determined according to certain operating conditions (such as load change, temperature of surrounding medium, etc.) and insulation aging of the transformer. Please see cenke small editor for you to carefully, the transformer normal overloading attention to what?

1. Transformers that run at almost full load all day often should not be operated under excessive load
2. In summer, according to the typical load curve of the transformer, when the maximum load is lower than the rated capacity of the transformer, it is not suitable to operate under excessive load
3. During the period of low load and when the load coefficient is less than 1, the transformer shall operate according to the normal overloading curve according to the allowable overloading multiple and duration of the transformer during peak load.