uu9.8 commom mode specification

- May 18, 2018-

Inductance is the physical quantity that measures the electromagnetic induction capacity of the coil. When the coil passes through the unsteady current, the surrounding field produces a changing magnetic field. The greater the power of the incoming coil, the higher the magnetic field intensity is, and the smaller (before the magnetic induction intensity reaches saturation).

The inductance is divided into two kinds: hollow core inductor and magnetic core inductance. The inductance of the hollow inductance is a constant value constant, and the application is simple

The analysis was performed by the formula L= mu x Ae*N2/ L. L represents the inductance, the magnetic conductivity of the magnetic core, the section area of the magnetic core, the number of turns of the coil, and the length of the magnetic path of the magnetic core. It can be seen from this that, when a certain inductance production is formed, Ae, N and lm are all fixed values, so only the magnetic conductivity is the only one that affects the output value of the inductor.