We are the Aluminum Enclosure Box manufacturers

- Jun 24, 2019-

Question : I write you in representation of the company B&M Manufacture located in Chile. We are in need of your service. At the moment we are developing some high end LED lighting systems and we have the product already on the market and sales are going great with high expectations in the near future. We need now a reliable partner to take care of the manufaturing of the enclosures for our power supplies. For this we would be needing the design of Customized Extruded Aluminum Enclosure that could add some branding and some plaques with specifications of the models and technical aspects of the equipment. 

As for the Extruded Aluminum Enclosure design measurements we would need 3 sizes:

- 75mm width x 75mm height x 290mm long

- 100mm width x 75mm height x 290mm long

- 180mm width x 70mm height x 340mm long

Reply:  Yes, we have, we will send the Aluminum Project Box Enclosure design to you later

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