What are the advantages of extruded aluminum profiles

- May 07, 2019-

Do you know what are the advantages of extruded aluminum profiles?

The main performance of extruded aluminum profiles are strength, hardness and wear resistance according to China standard GB6063. Advantages are below:

 light weight, no rust, fast design change, low tooling input, its longitudinal elongation up to 10 meters. 

The appearance of industrial aluminum profile is bright and matte, and its treatment process adopts anodizing treatment, and the surface treatment anodizing film reaches 0.12m/m thickness. Aluminum processing wall thickness according to product design optimization to choose, not more thicker more better in the market, we should see section structure requirements and design accordingly, it can be uneven in 0.5~5mm. Layman thinks thicker, tougher, it is wrong actually.