What could go wrong with the high frequency transformer's poor voltage resistance

- Apr 12, 2019-

High frequency transformer voltage withstand strength test items, must be in line with the relevant national test specification requirements of high frequency transformer in the process of voltage poor, mainly for the following reasons: 1. use the wrong wire specifications;2. poor core insertion process (during core insertion, wire frame is scratched and leakage current caused by extrusion wire frame exceeds standard 3. Insufficient production experience and number of wrong winding winding; 4. Impurities are suspended in the environment, causing foreign bodies to be clamped in the wire bag;The specification design of high-frequency transformer is unreasonable, resulting in insufficient insulation of the body itself;Caused by a lack of experience, with a small number of high frequency transformer manufacturer in the production of design high frequency transformer fault itself exists, for example: loose outlet end or there is no support, loose block, welding parts, core insulation fault, such problems as inadequate short-circuit strength . workers method error (not meets specifications quantity more or less missing parts arrived method homework installation is not correct, etc.);Inadequate insulation throughout the high-frequency transformer; the enameled wire film of the insulating layer is damaged;High-frequency transformer insulation control good, must use appropriate specifications of the insulating tape, first level between package at least more than three layers or, at the same level must also be more than a layer of insulation tape between high-frequency transformer after around good insulating paint drying line, among them, with gummed paper processing and the quality of the enameled wire affect the maximum differential . potting process (should be vacuum potting)  mould plan do manual work is bad,Mould clamping of the line is too thick, big difference, eccentricity have can cause pressure resistance appears bad some mold especially VED contact broken difference is big, high frequency transformer manufacturer of plastic bags have crack often during winding formation breakdown, and the qualification of groove depth planning too deep in plastic bags after breakdown 12 gap is often the use of high frequency transformer oil;Has insulation of transformer oil, it has much higher than air dielectric strength, and heat is big, can be used as a coolant in the process of using high-frequency transformer due to the aging oil acid value or suspension dielectric loss Angle increased environmental impurities (such as sulfur acid alkali dust ash fiber) damp problems are likely to cause the failure of high frequency transformer oil