What is the Aluminum alloy profile extrusion process

- May 12, 2019-

Ask : Do you know what is the Aluminum alloy profile extrusion process ? 


Aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles are widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace and other sectors. In recent years, due to the requirement of miniaturization and lightweight of automotive air conditioning equipment, the proportion of extruded aluminum products in tubes and hollow profiles for heat exchangers has increased rapidly.

According to the data, extrusion products aluminum and aluminum alloy products account for about 70%. The development of extruding technology of aluminium alloy profile also drives the development of modern extruding technology

flat die (structural profiles without closed cavities)

Car processing ,marking ,milling ,processing drilling, grinding, quenching, tempering ,grinding, plane fine milling ,guide groove wire cutting electrospark machining polishing fitting& repair acceptance test mold nitriding warehousing

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