What is the defect reason of the Inverter Transformer

- Aug 05, 2019-

As the Power Supply Transformer manufacturers,we think the defect reason of the high frequency transormer is:

1. Winding number winding setting method is inconsistent with the method of actual hanging wire < > from upper or lower hanging wire;
General single axis automatic winding machine, when hanging the wire has a circle, so the actual number of winding should be set less than the work instruction of a circle. But sometimes when the adjustment of the neglect of this circle, so that the number of bad batch.

2. Operator negligence for automatic rewinding or rewinding processing;
In order to save materials, sometimes employees are required to quit the wire rod and rewind it when the wire winding is not normal. Sometimes, employees may be negligent and fail to quit the copper wire completely, so there are some defective winding Numbers.

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