What is the difference between magnetic bead, inductance and capacitance in filtering?

- May 29, 2019-

Capacitance is the most commonly used discrete device. The role of a total of three, respectively is the bypass, decoupling, AC coupling. Most of the time the so-called filtering refers to bypass. Bypass capacitors according to the general to bypass the frequency of the signal to select, is to look at the frequency response curve of a capacitor. The processing of high frequency signal to be more careful, careful, can affect the signal integrity, it is another aspect, anyone interested to write). The most common power supply circuit of capacitance on the role of is decoupling. General understanding of decoupling in order to prevent the coupling of superior and subordinate , the ultimate goal is to reduce the ripple on the power supply. Then select capacitance value to a lower frequency of MOS depending on the type of the superior power to decide. General output power can see follow two capacitance, a large and a small. The role of the large capacitor energy storage is usually do back accidentally, small, is about to drop the power MOS switch noise. After the device's power input capacitance is commonly used to feel secure momentary ripple MOS switch.

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