What is the effect of magnetic ring inductance?

- Aug 25, 2018-

magnetic ring inductance is an electronic component component. Its main function is an electromagnetic induction conversion. The simpler inductance can be a wire, which can be used for antenna. To convert electric energy into electromagnetic waves, the more complex is the hollow diagram, which can be used in frequency selection circuit and RF transmitting circuit. Compared with the former two inductors, there are also i-inductors, which can be used to filter and store energy. There are also common - mode inductors can be used against the effects of dry closure.

The chip on PC board card is not only an electromagnetic interference object, but also an electromagnetic interference source. In general, we can divide these electromagnetic interference into two types: serial mode interference (differential mode interference) and common mode interference (ground interference). Take two PCB wires (wires connecting the components of the main board) on the main board as an example. The common mode interference is the interference caused by the potential difference between two walking lines and PCB ground wire. The cross mode interference current ACTS between two signal lines and its transmission direction is consistent with the waveform and signal current. The common-mode interference current ACTS between the signal line and ground wire, and the interference current flows through one half of each signal line in the same direction and takes ground wire as the common circuit.

Because the use of ferrite magnetic beads in the circuit can increase the high frequency loss without introducing the dc loss, and the volume is small and it is easy to be installed on the leads or wires in the interval, the suppression effect of noise signals above 1MHz is very obvious, so it can be used as the decoupling, filtering and the suppression of parasitic oscillation of high frequency circuits.

Low impedance power supply circuit, resonant circuit, class c power amplifier and SCR switching circuit are very effective in filtering ferrite magnetic beads. Ferrite magnetic beads made of magnetic ring inductance can be generally divided into two types: resistance and inductive. The impedance of a single magnetic bead is generally 10 to several hundred ohms. If one of them is not attenuated enough, multiple magnetic beads can be used in series.