What is the effect of magnetic ring inductance?

- Aug 30, 2018-

We all know that inductance is an electromagnetic induction component made of an insulated wire and it's a common component so what is the inductance of a magnetic ring?What does it do?Today, technicians from qingzhou global electronics co., LTD will explain to you:The role of the magnetic ring inductance, magnetic ring form an inductor with connecting cable, it is commonly used in electronic circuit anti-interference components, have very good shielding effect to the high frequency noise, so it is called absorption of copper, because often use ferrite materials, say again so ferrite beads (hereinafter referred to as the circular), in the picture above for one-piece magnetic ring, magnetic ring for belt installation clip below copper under different frequencies have different impedance Generally in low frequency impedance is very small, when the impedance of the signal frequency increases after the circular sharplyEffectiveness of inductance is so great that we all know, the higher the signal frequency, the more likely it is to radiation, and the general line is no shielding layer, the signal is very good antenna, receiving all kinds of clutter in the surrounding environment of high frequency signal, the signal superimposed on the transmission of the original signal, even changed the useful signal transmission, seriously interfere with the normal work of the electronic device, thereby reducing the electromagnetic interference (EM) for electronic equipment has been problem must be considered Under the action of a magnetic ring, even if the normal useful signal through smoothly, and can suppress the high frequency interference signals, and low costInductance: the effect of dc resistance communication this is simple, the ac signal isolation, filtering, or with the capacitor, resistor and so on the role of the resonant circuit inductance and filtering signal filtering noise and stable current and electromagnetic interference suppression, and other important role Tuning and frequency selective inductance: the effect of inductor and capacitor in parallel can be composed of LC circuit The circuit of the inherent oscillation frequency f0 and the ac signal frequency f are equal, the loop impedance and capacitive reactance are equal, and the electromagnetic energy is oscillates back and forth between the LC, this is LC circuit resonance phenomenonWhen resonating, the inductance of the circuit is equal to and opposite to that of the capacitive reactance, so the total current inductance of the circuit is the smallest and the current flow is the largest (referring to the ac signal of f=f0). Therefore, the LC resonant circuit has the function of selecting the frequency and can select the ac signal of a certain frequency