What is the essential difference between power frequency transformer and high frequency transformer?

- Apr 22, 2019-

  1. Difference of magnetic materials: power frequency transformer adopts silicon steel sheet as magnetic core material;High frequency transformer is the ferrite core material 2 working frequency difference: power frequency transformer operating frequency generally refers to 50HZ goods 60HZ power frequency;The working frequency of high frequency transformer are generally above 1 KHZ, few KHZ or even hundreds of KHZ, application scope of different frequency are not the same as 3 aspects: power frequency transformer is more commonly used to 220 v or 110 v power frequency high voltage to low voltage, power frequency for the use of small home appliance circuit board power supply (such as soybean milk machine smoke lampblack machine acoustics, etc., application range is more extensive;High-frequency transformers are widely used (e.g.Mobile phone chargers, electronic ballasts, switching power supply, color TV power supply, computer power supply, LCD driver and power, and so on many occasions to use.

2.The iron core of power frequency transformer will produce eddy current when working, thereby calorific loss energy, this calls iron loss, iron loss is concerned with frequency, frequency is higher iron loss is more apparent, if the transformer of switch power supply USES iron core, that is not transformer, however electromagnetism furnac.

The high frequency transfomer series has uu9.8  uu10.5  ee8.3  ee10  ee13  ee16  ee19 ee25  ee30  ei30 etd15 etd25 etd39 etd49 pq3230  pq3220 ec28  ee4215  ee4210  transformer.