What is the frequency characteristic of an inductor

- May 31, 2019-

Ferrite material is ferromagnesalloy or ferronickel alloy, this material has a high magnetic conductivity, it can be between the coil winding of the inductor in the case of high frequency and high resistance capacitance minimum. Ferrite materials are usually used at high frequencies because of their primary range inductance characteristics at low frequencies, resulting in low line losses. At high frequencies, they are predominantly reactive and vary with frequency. In practical application, ferrite material is used as high frequency attenuator of rf circuit. In fact, the ferrite is better equivalent to the resistance and inductance in parallel. At low frequencies, the resistance is short-circuited by the inductance, and at high frequencies, the inductance impedance becomes so high that all the current passes through the resistance. The ferrite is a consumption device in which high-frequency energy is converted into heat energy, which is determined by its electrical resistance characteristics.

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