What is the full Automatic ferrite core assembly machine

- Apr 19, 2019-

 Automatic ferrite core assembly machine / auto magnet core assembly machine/ automatic magnetic core load machine introduction as below

1. The Automatic ferrite core assembly machine has the functions of automatic assembly, testing , set plate and feeding with reasonable mechanical structure design, high precision, fast running speed, good stability, strong rigidity and long service life. 

2. The auto magnet core assembly machine is controlled by PLC and displayed by Chinese and English touch screens. The system developed made by our company ,it is convenient to use and easy to debug.

3. Motion control components use high-quality servo motors to control machine operation, so as to achieve coordination of all parts and stable performance.

4. This automatic magnetic core load machine replaces the manual to carry on the UU9.8,UU10.5 EE8.3 EE10 EE13  EE16 EE19 EPC13 EFD15 EFD25 EE33  high frequency transformer product assembly and the inspection, the incoming material adapt scope is wide, the production quality is high, the production efficiency is quick, it can reduce the labor cost and control product cost greatly, the operation is simple, may be widely used in the frequency converter production domain.