What is the Influence of aluminium alloy profile on profile process

- May 17, 2019-

The extrusion die of aluminum profile is very important in the extrusion process of aluminum profile. In actual production, we briefly describe the problems that may occur in the extrusion process.

1. Influence of seam Angle or bad welding:
The hollow aluminum alloy profile adopts the plane distributary combination die extrusion process, which is relatively more difficult in the production of the profile. The metal passes through the process of distributary and welding, so there is a welding line in the hollow profile.
There are two reasons for the occurrence of the gap: first, the diverging hole, narrow welding room, insufficient metal flow, metal in the welding room did not form enough hydrostatic pressure, the product is not welded well and out of the mold hole, resulting in products welded gap;

Second, aluminum alloy profile wall concave or convex under the bow surface of the reason

The cause of concave arch surface under the wall of hollow aluminum alloy profile: the working belt of the die core of aluminum alloy profile is lower than that of the bottom die hole, and the effective length of the die core working belt is too short. Causes of convex hollow aluminum alloy profile wall: mold use time is too long, mold core working belt serious wear, groove, increased friction resistance, slow metal flow caused by hollow profile wall convex.

Three, aluminum alloy profile surface stripe

Striations appeared on the surface of extruded profiles, which were more obvious after anodizing. The defects are mostly found in the parts with large wall thickness difference, the welding part of metal under the splitter bridge and the back side with "branch" and threaded holes.

see the aluminum alloy  profile box