What is the planar transformer classification

- Jun 28, 2018-

Advantages of planar high frequency transformer classification

Classification of planar high frequency transformer: planar transformer can be divided into four types: printed circuit (PCB), thick film type, thin film type and submicron type according to the design and manufacture process.

Compared with conventional high frequenncy transformers, the size of magnetic core is greatly reduced, especially the height is greatly reduced. This feature is attractive to power equipment where space is strictly limited, making it the preferred magnetic element in many power equipment. The advantages of planar transformer structure also bring many advantages to its electrical characteristics: high power density, high efficiency, low leakage sense, good heat dissipation and low cost.

Application of planar transformer

Planar transformers have been widely used in communication, notebook computers, automotive electronics, digital cameras and digital television in just over 10 years. For example, the dc-dc converter with a power range of 5 ~ 60W made of planar transformer has been applied to the power supply on the plug-in board of the telecommunication system. Due to the special electrical and mechanical environment in the automobile, more stringent requirements are put forward for transformer design and technology. Planar transformer used in DC-DC converter for xenon arc lamp ballasts has been used in mid-range cars. Secondly, the flat transformer used in broadband transmission also shows a good development prospect. In addition, the product varieties of planar transformers have involved various aspects of conventional ferrite core transformers, such as power transformers, bandwidth transformers and impedance matching converters. Due to its good consistency, small volume and other characteristics, it is especially suitable for use in electronic equipment with small internal space and strict requirements for energy saving and heat dissipation. The application of planar transformer will also open up a new situation for the miniaturization of the system in the fields of national defense, aviation and aerospace, which have high requirements on weight and stability.

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