What is the two extrusion process characteristics of aluminum extruder?

- May 13, 2019-

Two extrusion process characteristics of aluminum extruder:

I. characteristics of hot extrusion process of aluminum extruder:

1) hot extrusion is an early adopted extrusion forming technology in several extrusion processes. It is used for various extrusion forming of metals at the temperature of hot forging with the help of good plasticity of materials. It is widely used for the production of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals such as pipes and profiles.

2) hot extrusion features:
1. Relatively simple extrusion process, single extrusion molding, less processing procedures (only six types of equipment are needed to complete the finished work of profiles), stable production efficiency.
2. Save raw materials and machining time.
3. The extruded product has good quality and high precision.

4. Smaller extrusion pressure, can squeeze higher strength, larger size of the product.

This is aluminum extrusion box picture