Why the high frequency transformer is small but precise ?

- May 18, 2019-

High-frequency transformers can not only improve the efficiency, but also save power resources, in the service life is also much longer than the general transformer, and it has energy saving and environmental protection of the dual social and economic benefits.

Since the magnitude of the high frequency transformer induction potential depends on how much the magnetic flux changes in the unit time, that is to say, the faster the magnetic flux changes, the greater the induction potential will be. Although the magnetic core of the high-frequency transformer is small and the maximum magnetic flux is not large, it works at high frequency and the magnetic flux changes rapidly, so it can generate enough potential under the condition of small magnetic core and small number of coil turns, while the low frequency is the opposite.

The design and calculation of the transformer show that at the same power, the higher the frequency, the smaller the core and the fewer winding per volt. The design of high-frequency transformers should begin with the magnetic core. Switching power transformer cores are mostly soft magnetic materials used in low magnetic field. They have high permeability, low coercivity and high resistivity. High permeability, in a certain number of coil turns, through a small excitation current can withstand a high external voltage, therefore, in the output of a certain power requirements, can reduce the magnetic core volume.

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