Amorphous Magnetic Ring

- Aug 09, 2018-

Amorphous magnetic ring, is made of amorphous materials processing magnetic components, depending on the amorphous strip material is different, can be divided into the iron-based amorphous, cobalt-based amorphous and so on, according to the shape of the material can be divided into the strip type magnetic ring and powder type circular and the characteristics of amorphous magnetic ring saturation flux density is much higher than ordinary ferrite magnetic core with powder, but with increasing frequency, magnetic permeability will soon fall, commonly used in dozens to hundreds of K K bandAmorphous magnetic ring, glass or metal, it is appeared in the 1970 s a new type of material, is the use of rapid cooling technology, the liquid steel for a molding thickness of 30 microns thin band, the solid alloy (strip) is different from the atoms in the crystal structure of regularly arranged cold-rolled silicon steel materials, it is this alloy its atoms in a random permutation of the amorphous structure, make its have narrow B - H circuit, has the characteristics of high magnetic conductivity and low loss;At the same time, the atomic arrangement in the amorphous alloy is irregular limits the free passage of electronic lead to resistivity is 2-3 times higher than that of crystal alloy, which is beneficial to reduce the eddy current loss in transformer core made of amorphous alloy as raw material, the no-load loss compared with the traditional transformer of silicon steel sheet, reduced about 75%, the amorphous alloy transformer has a significant effect of energy saving and environmental protection, when the amorphous alloy transformer core used in oil-immersed transformer, can obviously cuts a variety of harmful gases, so more and more with amorphous alloy as a raw material for transformer core