Analysis Of High Frequency Transformer Defect Reasons And Improvement Countermeasures

- May 31, 2019-

Guangzhoun feineng is a professional manufacturer of  High Frequency High Voltage Transformer and  automatic winding machine, as for our factory 15 years production experience. 

The defect reason of High frequency transformer of turns as below

  1. Improper stop, causing the machine to stop when the brakes are wrong;When the number of turns is more, the machine speed is faster, should be based on the actual number of turns and speed set stop slow, in the machine to the last, reduce the speed, to ensure that when the machine in the required number of turns, can completely stop.

  2. 2. Aging test instruments and equipment, poor contact

.In the test will encounter such a situation, the sample is right! The disassembly is correct and the wiring is smooth. But the actual measured results are indeed defective products. In this case, it is necessary to consider whether the machine contact is bad, or the surface resistance of the fixture is increased due to prolonged oxidation, so the test is not good.

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