Application Of Aluminum Profiles In Advertising Equipment

- Mar 19, 2019-

With the development of advertising, advertising is everywhere. Light box has a more rich and exquisite picture effect, a stronger picture expression, a stronger visual impact, has become a shop, shopping mall, all kinds of public advertising signboards in the protagonist, is now one of the preferred form of many advertising.

We understand better advertising apparatus, such as a variety of AD box, box, aluminum alloy frame, frame, shelves, outdoor metope propaganda posters the putting, mobile rack, X exhibition stand, roll up, and other forms of display advertising as we know, but aluminum is relatively less attention to advertising, in fact, aluminium profile advertising is advertising equipment production of raw materials.

✦ density is small, the density of aluminum is close to 2.7 g/cm3, about 1/3 of the iron or copper. This ensures the aluminum alloy frame material hardness and material specifications.

✦ high strength: the strength of the aluminum alloy is much higher than other, after a certain degree of cold working can also strengthen the matrix strength, the part of the aluminum alloy can also strengthen processing by heat treatment.

✦ corrosion resistance: aluminum alloy surface will naturally produce a dense solid layer of protective film of alumina, the layer of protective film can protect the substrate from corrosion. After manual anodizing and coloring, the cast aluminum alloy with good casting performance can be obtained or processed into cast aluminum alloy with good casting performance or processed into deformation aluminum alloy with good plasticity.

✦ easy process: after adding a certain amount of alloying elements, can obtain good casting performance.

Advertising display with aluminum according to its use is divided into light box profiles, various publicity column profiles, aluminum alloy photo frame profiles, poster clip profiles, newspaper bar profiles, exhibition halls and exhibition halls, catering light box profiles.
Frame profile is mainly used for the production of non-open advertising frame; The profile of poster clip is mainly used for making open type advertising frame; Light box profile is mainly used to produce ultra-thin advertising light boxes, labrador light boxes, etc., newspaper bar profile is mainly used to produce indoor publicity column, movable newspaper column, outdoor publicity column and other products

After the traditional picture frame is made, the appearance is corroded to different degrees due to the problem of the material of the frame itself, which leads to the increase of the cleaning and maintenance cost in the later period. If the aluminum profile is used, the cleaning cost is relatively low because the surface of the aluminum profile is smooth and delicate, which is not easy to hide dirt and filths.

What's more, the surface treatment of the aluminum profile used in the advertisement is anodic alkaline frosting oxidation, which not only keeps the silver color of aluminum alloy, light weight, corrosion resistance, high structural strength, scratch resistance, easy assembly, never rust, not easy deformation, high temperature and low temperature resistance, easy to disassemble, replace, make fast and more environmental protection.
Pieces of aluminum alloy advertising box unique stereoscopic display effect is high, can according to the actual needs of customers to produce different specifications of the aluminum frame, profile specification variety, the replacement of the picture is more convenient, to high frequency clock to the audience visual impact for a specific group, and to maximize advertising information comprehensive communication effect, to the enterprise culture, commodity exhibition provides a very good display platform, to achieve the best publicity, improving customer propaganda product added value, increase brand awareness.