Automatic Tin Dipping Machine

- Jul 11, 2019-

Install tuning/automatic tin dipping machine

1 working environment and conditions: · the equipment should be placed in a flat, ventilated and dry workshop; · the working environment temperature should be between 5℃ and 45℃; · three-phase five-wire system (there should be a grounding wire to ensure good grounding) is used for 380V (other voltage grades are optional), with stable power supply with rated current; · use an industrial gas source with a stable 3 ~ 5BAR.
· set the machine in position after unpacking, then raise and adjust the fixed foot cup at the bottom of the frame to make the frame in a horizontal state; Install the inlet connection device (two pieces should be divided around). Adjust the soldering Angle of the machine head (see 4.3 adjustment section for details). Generally, it is connected with the access end, but the Angle can be adjusted to the required requirement according to the design of PCB board and solder requirements. · access to electricity and gas sources. Adjust the pressure to the required amount. · install flux to two-thirds of the place of the incense burner; Load alcohol to four-fifths of the washing nozzle furnace, and adjust the flow rate to the appropriate position (note: do not open the flow rate too large, so as not to splash out and cause fire).
3 adjustment: adjust the level of the guide rail of the transportation system, so that the Angle between the guide rail and the head can be adjusted. When adjusting the height of tin stove, screw the foot cup at the bottom. Attention should be paid when adjusting the height of the tin furnace: the height of both sides of the nozzle and the fixture should be consistent. The foot cutter and tin stove are fixed in the same way. To facilitate maintenance, repair and maintenance.

automatic dip tin machine