Automatic Tin Dipping Machine

- Jul 12, 2019-

Operating instructions/automatic tin dipping machine

check whether the power supply is the rated three-phase five-wire system power supply of the machine;· check whether the equipment is well grounded;· check whether the tin capacity in the tin furnace meets the requirements;· whether rosin specific gravity capacity is appropriate;· check whether the pressure is adjusted to the required value;· check whether the emergency valve has been activated;· check the installation position and height of the foot cutter;· whether the whole machine adjustment has been completed;6.2 interface operation and setting:5.2.1 press the power switch, the system power, the system is in standby state, 5.2.2 press the power button interface, the man-machine interface to start the start after normal according to the following open the corresponding item for switch operation on the surface of the hand touch the set value, can modify the parameters of the corresponding projects such as special reasons, need to exit the master control program, and then into the manipulation of the program before operation, check to ensure that the operating mode, can enter the operator interface into the operator interface, the interface and technicians according to the above picture the lighting switch interface and automatic lighting switch for the self-locking type of interfaceWhen a failure occurs, into the fault query interface, understanding and troubleshooting to the technician operating interface, according to the above picture, the interface for manual operation interface, preheat tin stove switch cut foot switch and lighting switch to alternate the self-locking type, the rest is inching switch, when a failure occurs, to enter the fault query interface, query and troubleshooting for automatically into the interface, click on the button in the main interface, the main interface to enter.

automatic dip tin machine