Automatic Transformer Coil Winding Machine

- May 21, 2019-

The larger the transformer capacity used now, the greater the impact on the power grid and the higher the safety requirement. Transformer manufacturing quality performance, not only requires reliable electrical performance, mechanical stability, short circuit resistance ability should also be more reliable. The stability is mainly reflected in the control of the manufacturing process of coils, that is, the electromagnetic balance of high and low voltage coils is required, and the axial turn-to-turn is tight and evenly distributed. Therefore, the coil winding process is required to be compacted in the axial direction and coiled in the radial direction. The vertical winding machine is adopted to make use of the dead weight of the thread cake and to compress naturally in the axial direction and control the tension in the radial direction with a tensioning device. Therefore, vertical winding machine is widely used for winding high voltage coils in large transformers, even for low-voltage spiral coils.

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