Automatic Transformer Winding Machine

- May 22, 2019-

Now the vertical winding machine further to the development of large-scale. The original vertical winding airborne weight was only 20t, but now it has been increased to 40t, with the maximum coil diameter used up to 3500mm and the maximum height up to 4000mm. Air bag plate tensioning device is used, and the digital display tension size, tension control is more accurate, stable and reliable. In order to improve the dimensional accuracy of the winding coil, the vertical winding machine is controlled to run out in the radial direction, and the winding die shaft head fixing device is added. In order to control the axial runout, high-precision double-row roller bearing is used. Therefore, through the use of coil winding special equipment, so that the winding production to a new level. So that the transformer further reduce loss, reduce local discharge, reduce weight, reduce the cost is possible.

coil winding machine transformer